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Guidelines for Project Submission

The College invites application for avant-garde projects: An initiative by ANDC for Innovative Research Projects proposal from the school students. Following are the thematic areas

  1. Environmental Assessment
  2. Environmental Mitigation by physical, chemical and biological approaches
  3. Biodiversity conservation and reclamation
  4. Laws and policies for Environmental protection
  5. GIS mapping and remote sensing for environmental assessment
  6. Environmental toxicology
  7. Sustainable cities and communities
  8. Environmental economics and eco-preneurship
  9. Igniting young minds for environmental sensitization
  10. Data analytics in environment
  11. Green finance
  12. Environment and public health

The key components of a project proposal should be:

  • Title:-The title of your project
  • Aim/Objectives: An outline of the specific strategies or steps by which you intend to achieve your research aims
  • Proposer:- Names of the investigators (One Mentor and two students per school)
  • Problem:- A description of the problem being addressed
  • Hypothesis:- A statement of the hypothesis you are testing, or the research question
  • you are endeavoring to answer.
  • Background:- A summary of the key relevant literature, references, or needs analysis
  • that justifies the project
  • A statement of the expected outcomes of your project, and how they will help to address the problem
  • Methodology :-A more detailed outline of the actual research, data collection and analysis methods you will use
  • Workplan
  • Time frame:- A timetable or plan of the key activities or stages of your project
  • Budget
  • Benefit of the project outcome to the society

Guidelines for Project Proposal:

  • The project should be submitted as a MS-Word document only and NOT in the form of MS Power Point slide. Font should be Times New Roman (12 pts).
  • The problem and objectives should be specific and clearly stated. Avoid ambiguity.
  • The project should be submitted with academic honesty and avoid plagiarism.

Criterion for Evaluation of Project

  • Understanding of the subject
  • Conceptualization of the Key areas
  • Innovative techniques/approach to problem
  • Application of the project
  • Presentation of the Project


  • Time limit should be adhered to for the oral presentations.
  • Certificate will be issued to the presenter only.

Selected projects (maximum 2 projects) will be given a maximum funding of Rs 20,000/- each.

The last date for submitting proposals is February 20, 2022

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