To create an education and research-oriented hub of eminence in India with international standards. We envisage proffering quality education to our students while emboldening them with diverse exposure and hands-on research. We adhere to the ideology of ‘Preparing for the future’ by exploring and innovating ‘Beyond the classroom’.


  1. Empower students by giving them exposure to cutting-edge areas of education and research by promoting inter-disciplinary studies and learning beyond the shackles of textbook knowledge.
  2. To impart functional knowledge which not only motivates students towards academic excellence but also preparing them for giving back to society in economic, social, cultural and intellectual dimensions.
  3. To generate ideas that will benefit society, and to educate and train people to work in fields where they will be valued both for their ability to work in collaborative spaces using their specialized knowledge, and for their ability to pursue research, communicate and solve real-life problems.
  4. To remain competitive and relevant in international sense by offering high quality academic programmes and research activities focusing on niche areas.
  5. Encourage skilled manpower training by producing more high quality researchers, entrepreneurs and graduates to ensure that country reaps the returns from its investments in higher education and in turn help economic growth of the country.