Students’ Editorial Board

The college has a Students’ Editorial Board which is responsible for preparing the ground work for getting Insight, the annual magazine of the college published. The Board consists of student editors for English and Hindi, headed by their respective Editors in Chief. Every year, in September, a screening round is conducted by the Board to select new members with a flair for writing and an eye for language errors. Once the new Students’ Editorial Board is formed, its first task is to invite articles, poems, travelogues, sketches and photographs from the students of the college. After a sizeable number of entries is received, the members start the daunting task of editing them. The first round of editing is done by these students and then reviewed by the faculty members of the Editorial Committee.

The magazine of a college provides a platform to its fraternity to voice their opinions, give expression to their feelings, thereby showcasing their creativity. It is the manifestation of the vision of its members, especially the students. Insight has come of age since the college decided to give students a greater role in the contribution, editing and selection of entries to giving it a final shape. The student editors have risen to the challenge thrown at them and under the able guidance of the faculty members of the Editorial Committee, they have been rolling out fresh editions of Insight year after year. The Students’ Editorial Board is one of the most prestigious committees of the college.