National Service Scheme (NSS)

Convenor: Dr. Sunita Jetly (Department of Biomedical Science)

National Service Scheme (NSS) is a scheme of the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India, to encourage and involve young students to take part in various government led community service activities and programmes. It aims at inculcating a sense of selfless service amongst the youth with its motto Not Me But You. NSS@ANDC is one of the many units of Delhi University NSS Centre. For more than a decade, NSS @ANDC has been the most popular students’ society and remains active throughout the year. The volunteers provide their support to all the college activities, right from the new session, beginning with the admission procedure, orientation days and familiarizing the new students with the functioning of the college. NSS volunteers take care of campus cleanliness through extensive cleanliness drives and encourage all the students of the college to contribute towards the same. The unit takes care of the environment also by carrying out plantation drives, campaigns for discouraging one-time-use-plastic, reusing plastic wastes, anti-cracker campaigns, etc. The volunteers pay equal attention towards the fitness of students by arranging yoga sessions, plog run and walkathon, in collaboration with the Sports Committee of the college. A large number of activities related to society at large, like female child care, female foeticide, child nutrition, vaccinations, literacy, voter’s awareness campaigns, are undertaken by NSS@ANDC. The unit organizes a blood donation camp every year and is actively involved in the anti-tobacco awareness campaign by Pleg4Life foundation.

To sensitise the college community towards differently abled people, NSS@ANDC organizes Sahyog, Diwali Mela where NGOs working for people with disabilities, orphans and old people are invited to sell their self-manufactured products. The event, over the years, has gained popularity amongst the NGOs of Delhi. NSS volunteers are active in India Road Safety Campaign and organize road safety awareness workshops every year for the college students. NSS@ANDC has adopted five slums/villages around the college campus where volunteers work over weekends and during holidays to improve the living standards of the residents. They teach slum children, make residents aware about vaccination schedules, give them an insight on the need for clean surroundings to prevent vector borne diseases, teach them about their fundamental rights, help them to develop social harmony, help them overcome various addictions caused by alcohol, tobacco, etc. These volunteers improve the aesthetic beauty of the small houses of the residents by helping them to decorate the outer walls. Any ANDC student can join NSS after clearing the selection round. A maximum of 120 volunteers can be enrolled in the unit and each volunteer can be a member for two years only. A volunteer from first year will continue in the second year only if he/she has contributed a total of 120 work hours towards all the activities conducted by the unit.

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