Research Projects

To keep the high quality research going on in ANDC, the faculty is encouraged to submit research proposals to external funding agencies. Such approved projects help supplement the funds available for infrastructure development also. These projects create a technically advanced research atmosphere in the college with sophisticated instruments as per research requirements. Over the years, the faculty in the College has been successful in drawing financial support for research from government funding agencies including UGC, DST, DBT, MoEF, ICMR, etc. The laboratories serve to ignite curiosity for research in the minds of the undergraduate students inspiring many to pursue doctoral studies.

Thus far, research grant amounting to more than Rs. three crores has been received in the college through more than 20 major extramurally funded research projects. One of the bilateral projects has seen cooperation between Slovenian scientists from Europe and the College faculty involving exchange visits.

Extramural Research Grant (1998-2020)

S.No Principal and Co-Investigators Title of the Project Funding Agency Sanctioned amount Rs.(in lakhs)
1 Dr. Sunita Hooda (1998 -2001) Characterization and sequence determination of 4-vinyl pyridine copolymers. UGC 1.09
2 Dr. Charu Khosla Gupta (2003 -2006) Fertilization in podostemaceae: An resolved problem. DST 10.00
3 Dr. Saumya Saxena (2004 -2007) Ecophysiology and socioeconomic studies in two selected medicinally important herbs from the NCT region. DST 16.00
4 Dr. Sunita Hooda (2004 -2007) Synthesis and characterization of 2- hydroxy ethylmethacrylate copolymers by NMR spectroscopy. DST 9.12
5 Dr. Savithri Singh (2006-2007) Development of open and distance learning courses for rural communities in an inclusive manner using an e- authoring, knowledge repository and learning management systems platforms INBAR 8.25
6 Dr. Urmi Bajpai (2006 -2008) A virtual centre of excellence (COE) for coordinated research on ’Tuberculosis: development of alternate strategies’ DBT 24.85
7 Dr. Monisha Khanna (2006-2009) Isolation and characterization of actinomycetes and analysis of their antibacterial potential MoEF 9.92
8 Dr. Vandana Uberoi, Dr. Sunita Hooda Dr. Geetu Gambhir (2008-2011) Fabrication of new polymer sensors for Environmental protection UGC 7.57
9 Dr. Ram Kumar (2008-2011) Evaluation of the potential of cyclopoid copepod as an effective bio-control agent for the control of disease vectors ICMR 16.00
10 Dr Sarita Kumar (2009-2012) Larvicidal properties of certain botanicals against mosquito larvae - Alternative for mosquito control UGC 10.96
11 Dr Amit Garg, Mr Vishal Dhingra and Dr Savithri Singh (2009-2012) Investigating science hands-on to promote innovation & research at undergraduate level UGC 10.54
12 Dr. Arijit Chowdhuri (Co-PI) (2009-2012) Development of magnetron source for plasma assisted growth of metal oxide thin films for sensor applications DST 24.72
13 Dr. Shallu Sachdeva (Co-PI) (2009-2012) One pot and solvent-less synthesis of metalloporphyrins-A green chemistry approach UGC 9.32
14 Dr Urmi Bajpai (2010-2012) Cloning and expression of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genes CSIR 16.85
15 Dr. Vikrant Kumar (2010-2013) Metal Complexes As Anticancer Agents: Synthesis, Characterization And Their Tumerogenesis Evaluation DBT 16.11
16 Dr. Vibha Gaur & Mr. Sanjay Vohra (2010-2015) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) – it provides funds for 5 projects each year for five consecutive years DST 27.55
17 Dr Seema Makhija and Dr Ravi Toteja (2012-2015) A study on heavy metal induced stress response at cellular and molecular level in ciliates for the development of a potential biosensor. DST 21.0
18 Dr Seema Makhija and Dr Ravi Toteja (2012-2015) Stress induced induction of metallothioneins (MTs) gene in ciliates and its use as biomarker to assess environmental pollution. UGC 9.76
19 Dr. Monisha Khanna (2012-2015) Extraction and activity analyses of extracellular enzymes from soil actinomycetes. UGC 9.72
20 Dr Urmi Bajpai (2013-2016)

Mtb Mur Pathway Enzymes: Potential Candidates for Multi-Target Therapy

CSIR-OSDD 42.784
21 Dr Arijit Chowdhury, Dr.Savithri Singh and Dr.Charu K. Gupta (2015-2018) Exposure-Response Assessment of Ambient Air Pollution (AAP) and Hg contamination in Affected Cities of India and Slovenia: A Comparative Study 15.0 DST (Indo Slovenia joint project)
22 Dr Sarita Kumar (2018-2021) Developing and documenting innovative practices for learning physics and biology through experimentation for children and young adults 12.60 DST Women Scientist Scheme-B Project
23 Dr Urmi Bajpai (2018-2021) Recombinant endolysins from mycobacteriophages: Exploring their anti-Mycobacterial potential 46.702 DST-SERB
24 Dr Urmi Bajpai (2019-2022) An Investigational Study on Mycobacteriophages and their Enzymes as New Drug (IND) for Treating Tuberculosis’ 22.160 ICMR