Courses Offered

B.Com (H)

About the Department

The Department offers Bachelor with Honours in Commerce, the prenominal course of University of Delhi, and since inception it has been able to carve a niche for itself due to its iconic ability to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical approach towards work culture, for which regular industrial visits and corporate summer internships are trimmed in the academic schedule. Many corporates of repute frequent the college annually to scout and absorb commerce interns in their spheres, providing adequate corporate exposure to its students. Annual departmental excursions to places of commercial relevance are organised especially for the students in their 2nd year since they are at the threshold of taking professional decisions. These visits and internships expose them to a plethora of opportunities to choose from while still in academics to strengthen the knowledge base necessary for their vocation. The departmental society “VANIJYA” organizes its much awaited annual festival “CORPOMAZE” and many other events aimed at building up the problem solving skills of students which thrusts up their attitude and aptitude, thereby enabling them to counter challenges coming their way.

The department provides an open student-teacher interface where interaction based seminars are a regular feature to familiarize the students with current commercial topics as investor protection, case studies on accounting and law, stock market functioning etc . The students are engaged in group discussions, and mock interview sessions are conducted to instil confidence in them to face the future board. We take pride to boast about the professional success of many of our students who are well placed after college. Their trust in our fraternity is irrevocable, and is sermonized as our alumni orate about their college experience.