Dhwani (Theatre Society)

Convenor: Dr. Monica Misra (Department of Zoology)

This Society allows the students to showcase their artistic talent and creative skills before an audience. Besides performing routine skits, street plays etc., Dhwani also nurtures personal growth by inculcating a sense of responsibility, trust and resourcefulness among its members. It provides a platform for students to exhibit their acquired skill-set in the form of a mega Annual Theatre Production each year. Dhwani has gained repute for putting up the most professional of productions among the theatre circles.

In order to empower students with self-confidence and effective communication, the college believes in using theatre as an enabling medium. To this end, the college runs a certificate course, ECPDT (Effective Communication and Personality Development through Theatre), which encompasses dedicated 100-hours of rigorous training. The course is inspired by the vision of the life-skills-based education of UNICEF and WHO and dedicated resource persons associated with the National School of Drama act as its mentors. Training under ECPDT helps students to overcome common predicaments like stage-fright and getting tongue-tied in public and they acquire proficiency and dexterity, thus developing a complete turn-around in their personality. The course seeks to hone skills to promote effective communication, dynamic leadership, critical thinking and decision-making, besides the ability to think creatively and act confidently through acting, improvisations, performances and scripting. In the same vein, the college has staged nine annual theatre productions - ‘Sau Mein Laga Dhaga’, ‘Ye Daagh Daagh Ujaala’, ‘Khul Ja Sim Sim’, ‘Spartacus, The Broken Shadows’, ‘Kasauti, The Quest for Truth’, ‘WAJOOD - MEN WITHOUT SHADOWS’, ‘Ajab Nagaria Gajab Tamasa’, ‘Tughlaq’ and `LEELA’ since 2011 to give students a platform for showcasing their acting skills. The participants have realised that theatre has helped them in building their confidence and overcoming hesitations.