Dhun (Music Society)

Convenor: Prof. Anju Agrawal

What do you get when a group of musically charged individuals get together in a predominantly Science college? Well, you get vocalists who have their careers planned out in Computer Science, Biomedical Science and Physical Sciences, a keyboardist who builds drones as a passion, a percussionist who is pursuing Physics and a guitar wizard who is trying to get through Physics Honours.

And what if all of these varied individuals work towards harbouring their love for music and come together for unabashed learning and improvement of their musical skills as well as to give spectacular, audience enthralling performances?

You get DHUN, the Music Society of Acharya Narendra Dev College.

Over the years, Dhun’s talented singers have performed at prestigious institutions in India like IIT Delhi and Mumbai, AIIMS Delhi, for various competitive and non -competitive events and have won numerous prizes and accolades. One of its singers has also represented India in South Korea. The Society also conducts workshops and training sessions for the newly inducted members. The members of Dhun put up shows at some major events in the college like Diwali Mela, Teacher’s Day, etc. Along with the Students’ Council of ANDC, it has organised various music competitions from group singing to instrumental, Battle of Bands etc. and hosted teams from different colleges/institutions during Leiothrixx, the annual fest of the college.