Best Practices

Augmenting the teaching-learning process with research

Integrating research with teaching-learning process has been one of the key features of undergraduate education at ANDC. Introducing research by providing adequate infrastructure has helped the young minds to become more inquisitive, more innovative and more productive in fields of their interest. The college’s vision to base science learning with as much hands-on approach as possible resulted in bringing research to the classroom. Promoting research is a kind of teaching learning tool and helps students in taking informed decisions. Research at any level helps in strengthening the education.

  • UG Research : The college also provides a vast array of opportunities for to undergraduate students to contribute to research. Students, through hands-on experience in their chosen area of research, show a tremendous improvement in analytical skills, confidence level, time management, team spirit and effective communication. Students, across the diverse disciplines, are offered unique research programmes, such as ELITE fellowship and IEDC (by the college), Innovation projects (University of Delhi), DBT STAR COLLEGE (DBT) and by external agencies such as SPIE (USA) and Innov8, The Robotic Society. The projects are designed to promote productive undergraduate research experiences.
  • Doctoral Research: ANDC is gradually becoming a flourishing research centre with doctoral and postdoctoral research being done under supervision of faculty members from different disciplines. A total of thirteen technically advanced research laboratories have been established to pursue advanced scientific research and the College currently has thirty three students pursuing their Ph.D. under the supervision of seventeen faculty members.
  • Summer Internships: School Students and Students pursuing their Graduation/Post-graduation in various institutes also come to ANDC to pursue their summer internship with the faculty members. Details of the same can be accessed from


With the changing social traditions, creation of self-employment opportunities and acquiring entrepreneurship skills have become de-rigueur. Given the explosive pace of technological development allied with sheer creativity the College is striving to motivate students to take up entrepreneurship in a proactive manner by helping them imbibe the pre-requisite information for establishing a start-up and creating self-employment opportunities. In recognition of these efforts and the college has developed business incubator and entrepreneurship laboratory.

The move towards introducing entrepreneurship in a regular UG college demanded a paradigm shift in the teaching-learning process being followed for many decades. Some of the different approaches hitherto unheard of in regular UG teaching included training students to think like business owners, getting them used to more work over longer duration of time besides training them to position themselves effectively in a business set-up. Jumping from training to get a job as an employee to turning entrepreneur demanded a substantial leap of faith for the students. The students imbibed the culture of working by themselves and were good to go whence they were able to shore up some living expenses for self-support.

  • Business Incubator, ANDC inStart Foundation: The College has been sanctioned an Incubation Centre by the Government of NCT of Delhi. The business incubator is established as a Section 8 company – ‘ANDC inStart Foundation’ within the premises of the college. In order to arrange a seamless transition from formal education to establishing a start-up, the college provides the entire start-up ecosystem in one place. Stupendous results could be achieved as sixteen (16) start-ups have been inducted in ANDC inStart Foundation since March 2018 out of which six (06) start-ups belong to alumni of the College. ANDC inStart Foundation has been able to grow substantially over the last five years.
  • Entrepreneurship Laboratory: ANDC has pioneered a new idea by establishing Entrepreneurship Laboratory in 2013. EL seeks to foster an entrepreneurial mindset amongst students and provides a conducive environment that promotes their innovations, initiatives and commitment. This is a space where students are encouraged to bring their novel ideas to life by being helped to set up a small enterprise.
  • Undergraduate students of the college have established an in-campus company, called ANDY that depicts the spirit of AND Youth. ANDY (Acharya Narendra Dev Youth) is one of such projects of the Entrepreneurship Laboratory which is a campus-based, not-for-profit venture, whose aim is to provide training and thus encourage students to become successful entrepreneurs. Under ANDY, we manufacture cost-effective and eco-friendly cosmetics and various other merchandise so as to prepare students face the real-world market with more confidence and experience; and instill the idea of being an entrepreneur as an equally competitive career option for the students. Association with ANDY has already yielded success stories with some students starting off their own ventures while many are in the process of doing so.


Funded solely by the College, EXPLORE (Excursions for Peer Learning in an Open and Rejuvenating Environment), allows students to undertake short trips, usually 1 to 3 days excursion trips for second year students. These are educational tours or field trips accompanied by their classmates and faculty to provide an opportunity to students to explore and learn from their surroundings. These trips rejuvenate the students and provide them unique experiences.


SAKSHAM (Students' Aid Fund)

Students' Aid Fund: The college has created this fund with the objective of rendering financial and other assistance to needy and deserving students of the college. Students in need of financial assistance can apply in response to notices to that effect on the Notice Boards.

  • Following aid is provided to needy, deserving and meritorious students.
  • Full Fee Waiver (Except Security Deposit)
  • Rs. 1000-/ per month stipend for ten months
  • Book Bank Aid
  • Stationery + Photostat upto Rs.3000/- for the whole academic year

Applications on prescribed form are to be submitted by students to the administrative section of the college as per the deadline as per the notice. The applications are invited twice in one academic session normally in August and January. The college also provides exemption of Tuition Fee and Admission Fee to all Scheduled Caste/Tribe students whose parent's income is such that they are not paying Income Tax (required submission of a salary certificate). The convener for this aid is the Bursar of the college.