Midentry Admission

Through the provision of Mid-Entry, the candidates who either failed to apply for CSAS(UG)-2024 within the stipulated time (during Phase I) or could not complete Phase II, and are desirous of participating in CSAS(UG)- 2024 can participate (as and when announced by the University). Such candidate can do so by paying a Mid – Entry fee of Rs. 1000.00 (non-refundable).

A candidate who applies to CSAS(UG)-2024 mid-way will not hold any right to claim the seats allocated to candidates who had applied to CSAS(UG)-2024 during the initial stage. Allocation of seats to such candidates may be considered for subsequent rounds (if any), subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria, availability of seats, and other CSAS (UG)-2024 rules.

Once the seat has been allocated to the candidate who has applied to CSAS (UG)-2024 midway, it will be mandatory for him/her to take admission on the allocated seat. Failure to accept the allocated seat will forfeit the candidate's right to seek admission to UoD. The seat allocated to such candidates will not be upgraded in any subsequent allocation round.

Merely applying through Mid-Entry does not guarantee an allocation of seat through CSAS(UG)-2024. Mid-Entry will only be considered after successful remittance of the Mid-Entry fee.

Mid-Entry will not be allowed for ECA, Sports Supernumerary Quota, Performance-Based Programs (i.e., B.A.(H) Music, B.Sc.(PE,HE&S)) and Practical-based Program(i.e., BFA).