TARK (Debating Society)

Convenor: Dr Yasheshwar (Department of Botany)

TARK, the Debating Society of ANDC, has been one of the most active Societies of the college. Its name has been derived from the initial letters of the words: Think, Argue, Refute, and Kindle. During its journey of five years, TARK has achieved huge success with its members having won various prizes at the college as well as national level.

The main motive of the Society is to help students to become good and confident speakers. Although the Society conducts auditions to select its members, for the benefit of the students, it follows a policy of no rejection and divides the members into different groups on the basis of their performance. Their speaking skill is evaluated by experienced teachers. As soon as the students gain proficiency, they are promoted within the groups.

TARK organizes regular workshops and practise sessions to give the members practise of the various forms of debating. The students are taught different forms of speaking and provided opportunities to practise them in both English and Hindi. They represent ANDC at different inter-college competitions to prove their mettle. All the members and concerned teachers help the students to nurture and develop their speaking skills. The Society also organizes Aagman, the Freshers’ Debate and Tarkash, its annual festival, to encourage and provide a platform to the students to showcase their talent, especially their speaking skills. TARK is one of the most popular Societies in the college.

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