State of Art Equipment

The College is amongst the best equipped in the University in so far as the laboratory infrastructure is concerned. We have state-of-the-art instruments that are used for regular teaching as well as for projects and research by students and faculty. They are sufficient (and more) in number to ensure that each student gets hand-on learning experience in the laboratories. The maintenance is also ensured. Since some of the equipment are sensitive to voltage fluctuations in many laboratories the current flow is stabilized and several labs have a back-up through heavy duty UPS systems. The equipments listed below are available in the college for research use, but may be utilized for classroom teaching too.

Some of the equipment that has attracted attention include, the following:

UV spectrophotometers Quartz Crystal Microbalance Thermal Evaporation system Surface Plasmon Resonance set-up
Keithley Source meters Gas Sensing Test Rig Optical Breadboard Vacuum Annealing set-up
Glove box with atmosphere control Agilent/Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscopes Physiological Data acquisition system (Bio-pack) Fluorescence microscope
ELISA reader Refrigerated micro-centrifuge Lyophilizer Gel Documentation system
Phase contrast microscope Dot-blot system with vacuum pump Refrigerated incubator shaker -20 OC Deep Freezer
Gel Electrophoresis (horizontal/vertical) Western Blot Spirometers Tissue culture facility
Millipore water purifier PCR and gradient PCR Arbitrary Function Generator Fiber Optic Trainer
Complete Holography set-up Amplitude Mod/Demodulator Trainer with Spectrum Analyzer PCB Drafting & Fabrication Setup Laser Trainer Kits