Courses Offered

B.Sc. (Honours) Botany

About the Department

Plants have been of paramount importance since the dawn of civilisation so much so that not only early men but also we depend on them as sources of food, medicine, clothing, shelter, tools etc. The study of plants is vital since they are the reason why there is oxygen in the atmosphere, they also start majority of the food chains. The Department of Botany introduces the students of B.Sc. Honours and B. Sc Life Science to various aspects of plant life. The honours course is designed for students aspiring for in-depth acquaintance with the essential elements of the Biological Sciences in general and Plant Science in particular.

Over the years, the Department has been nurtured with the hard work of the faculty members. The Department has 4 well equipped student laboratories, 12 faculty members and 12 Non- teaching staff who ably guide, mentor and nurture the students. Students are imparted a thorough grounding in the core subjects to enable them to pursue a career in Botanical Sciences. They are ensured the best guidance, constant monitoring, well equipped laboratories and abundant research facilities. Besides disseminating knowledge, many of the teachers are actively involved in research while others are developing e-learning content for different courses offered by the University. To expose students to the rigours of working in the real world, the Department provides opportunities for summer workshops with hands on experience with the latest techniques in Biology.