The Departmental laboratories are well-equipped with the basic as well as sophisticated equipment, which are amongst the best at the undergraduate level in the University. Integrated in its newly built and recently refurbished laboratories are the facilities for class experiments as well as for scientific research.

Core departmental facilities and those available through specific research laboratories are as follows:

  1. Stereo Microscopes
  2. Multimode reader
  3. Cold cabinet
  4. Rocking Shaker
  5. TLC Chamber
  6. UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  7. UV-Transilluminator And Gel Documentation System
  8. Gel electrophoresis assemblies: Submarine & Vertical
  9. Flame Photometer
  10. Laminar Flow (Horizontal)
  11. Autoclave (Vertical)
  12. Vacuum Pump
  13. Orbital Shaking Incubator
  14. Colony Counter
  15. Hot SS air sterilizer
  16. Water Bath with Shaker
  17. Microtome
  18. Microscope : Binocular & Monocular
  19. Electronic Balance
  20. Digital pH meters
  21. Refrigerated Centrifuge
  22. Western blot apparatus
  23. Micropipettes
  24. BioPack software for physiological data acquisition
  25. Deep freezer (-20 degree)
  26. Ice Flaking Machine
  27. Microwave oven
  28. Microtiter (ELISA) plate Reader
  29. Dell Computer Workstation
  30. Digital Viscometer