During summer vacations of 2012, 31 students of Department of Computer Science enrolled under ELITE scholarship program started by the college. It was decided that each student will be given a stipend of Rs.1000/- per month and a certificate on successful completion of the program. All the students were given training on Php, MySql, Java Script and Latex for 8 days by few students of B.Sc.(H) Computer Science, 3rd year under the guidance of mentors. Javascript, Php and Mysql were used by students for project development whereas Latex was used for report writing. Students were divided into four groups and each group was assigned a project for development. The details are given below:

S.No Project Name Students Mentors
1. Student Portal Development Bhavya Gupta (B.Sc (H) CS IV),
Shivangi Gupta (B.Sc (H) CS IV),
Jitin Dominic (B.Sc (H) CS IV),
Yogendra Jalwaniya (B.Sc (H) CS IV),
Sahil Thakral (B.Sc (H) CS VI),
Shivee Saxena (B.Sc Physical Sc. (CS) II),
Gunjan (B.Sc Physical Sc. (CS) II),
Taruna Negi (B.Sc Physical Sc. (CS) IV).
Ms. Sunita Narang
Ms. Priyanka Sharma
2. Information System for Alumni Database Dushyant Sharma (B.Sc Physical Sc. (CS) II),
Atul Anand (B.Sc Physical Sc. (CS) II),
Ravi Kuril (B.Sc (H) CS IV),
Bharat Goel (B.Sc (H) CS VI).
Ms. Sunita Narang
Ms. Priyanka Sharma
3. On-line Result Analysis Himanshu Prabhakar (B.Sc Physical Sc. (CS) IV),
Gagan Bhatia (B.Sc Physical Sc. (CS) IV),
Amit Singla (B.Sc Physical Sc. (CS) IV),
Navneet Chaubey (B.Sc Physical Sc. (Chem) II),
Mohit Kumar (B.Sc (H) CS II),
Nitish Verma (B.Sc (H) CS II),
Ankur Khandelwal (B.Sc (H) CS IV),
Bharat Ghimre (B.Sc (H) CS VI)
Dr. Sharanjit Kaur
Ms. Shruti Chhabra
4. On-line Election System Varsha (B.Sc Physical Sc. (CS) II),
Shyamli Rajbhar (B.Sc Physical Sc. (CS) II),
Sunita (B.Sc Physical Sc. (CS) II),
Prasann Pant (B.Sc Physical Sc. (CS) II),
Mohit Gupta (B.Sc Physical Sc. (CS) II),
Babban Kumar (B.Sc Physical Sc. (CS) IV),
Mahak (B.Sc (H) CS IV),Atin Gambhir (B.Sc (H) CS IV),
Saurabh Sharma (B.Sc (H) CS IV),
Saurav Deb (B.Sc (H) CS IV),
Manpreet Singh (B.Sc (H) CS VI).
Dr. Sharanjit Kaur
Ms. Shruti Chhabra

After completion of work, students submitted their reports and presented their projects in which they highlighted their individual roles. The feedback from student showed that their experience of working under ELITE was highly beneficial as they could use their vacation time in the most useful way, learnt how to work in a team, and learnt software beyond the curriculum which would help them in securing a good job in future.