Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC)

In order to promote and encourage young entrepreneurs Acharya Narendra Dev College has set up an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) that is sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India to develop an entrepreneurial culture among the academic institutions. The objective of establishing an IEDC is to set up an institutional mechanism to create self employment opportunities and to convert "job-seekers" into "job-generators". To foster entrepreneurial culture among students, IEDC conducts various training programmes like Entrepreneurship Awareness Programmes (EACs), Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs) and Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs) etc. In addition to this, it initiates student-projects for innovative ideas each year. The outcome of these projects is aimed to bring new products to the market or to develop new methodologies so as to generate/ manufacture existing products in a more cost effective and environment friendly way. By doing so, IEDC has taken the first baby step to bridge the gap between education and industry. IEDC also establishes better linkages with industries, R&D institutions, financial institutions and other related organizations engaged in promoting small & medium enterprises (SMEs) including DST, NSIC, EDI, NIESBUD etc. For the smooth and effective functioning of IEDC, two members of the college viz. Dr. Vibha Gaur, Associate Professor, Computer Science and Mr. Sanjay Vohra, Placement Officer participated in the Faculty Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (FDP) conducted by National Foundation of Indian Engineers (NAFEN), Delhi and EDI Ahmedabad respectively. FDP aims at equipping teachers with skills and knowledge so that they could act as resource persons in guiding and motivating young students to take up entrepreneurship as a career.

Annual Reports

  1. Annual Report 2014-15
  2. Annual Report 2013-14
  3. Annual Report 2012-13
  4. Annual Report 2011-12
  5. Annual Report 2010-11
  6. Annual Report 2009-10

IEDC Projects

The Students' innovative projects give the space where students’ ideas are distilled into workable projects that are product-oriented. Each year, IEDC provides funding for conducting about five to six students’ research projects. Each project has teacher mentor(s) and at least three students who work as a team through the year. Students come up with self-driven innovative business-oriented ideas based on their interests. The students identify the mentor, discuss and design the detailed projects in order to develop low cost beneficial products of commercial use. The aim of each project is to result in one marketable innovative product. Since its inception at ANDC, the IEDC has funded a total of 21 students’ projects.
S.No Name of Project Name of Mentor(s) Student Team
1. Extraction of Microbial Enzymes from Kitchen Waste and Development of Biological Detergent 1. Dr. Seema Gupta (Department of Chemistry)
2. Dr. Manisha Jain (Department of Chemistry)
3. Dr. Gagan Dhawan,(Department of Biomedical Science) (2014-15)
1. Nitish Malhotra, B.Sc. (H) BMS II
2. Shiwani Katiyar, B.Sc. (H) BMS II
3. Rahul Shah, B.Sc. (H) BMS I
2. Development of alternative anti-bacterials through Bacteriophage-derived proteins, isolated from India. Dr. Urmi Bajpai (Department of Biomedical Science)(2014-15) 1. Shazeb Ahmad, B.Sc. (H) BMS II
2. Rahul Kushwaha, B.Sc. (H) BMS II
3. Simran Virdi, B.Sc. (H) BMS II
3. Formulation of Mehndi Remover Using Natural Products Dr. Sarita Kumar (Department of Zoology)(2014-15) 1. Nandani Sahani, B.Sc. (H) Zoology III
2. Sakshi Bhardwaj, B.Sc. (H) Zoology III
3. Priyanka Dasgupta, B.Sc. (H) Zoology III
4. Development of Low Cost disinfectant using cow urine 1.Dr. Neeti Misra(Department of Chemistry)
2.Dr. Pankaj Khanna(Department of Chemistry)(2014-15)
1.Vineet Kumar Pal, B.Sc. (H) BMS II
2.Manisha, B.Sc.(H) BMS II
3.Atul Kumar, B.Sc.(H) BMS II
5. Multipurpose Quad-copter 1.Dr. Sona P. Kumar (Department of Electronics)
2.Dr. Vibha Gaur( Department of CS) (2014-15)
1. Ankit Pant, B.Tech. CS II
2. Anuj Gupta, B.Tech. Elec., II
3. Ashutosh Gupta, B.Tech Elec. II
4. Avi, B.Tech. CS, II
5. Prag jain, B.Tech. CS, II
6. Subhankar Ganguli, B.Tech. CS II
6. Design and Development of Gold Nanoparticle based Optical Biosensor for Protease Sensing

1. Dr. Seema Gupta

(Department of Chemistry)

2. Dr. Manisha Jain

(Department of Chemistry)

3. Dr. Gagan Dhawan

(Department of Biomedical Science) (2013-14)

1. Divyansh Mittal, B.Sc. (H) BMS Part III
Eshant Bhatia of B.Sc. (H) BMS Part III
Nitish Malhotra of B.Sc. (H) BMS Part II
7. Development of compact water purifier system

1. Dr. Charu K. Gupta

(Department of Botany)

2. Dr. Arijit Chowdhuri

(Department of Physics) (2013-14)

  1. Haripriya Sharma, B.Sc. (H) Botany Part II

  2. Sagarika, B.Sc. (H) Botany Part II

  3. Abhishek Tiwari, B.Sc.(P) Life Sc. Part II

8. Development of Charcoal Based Chelating Resin for Waste Water treatment

1. Dr. Sunita Hooda

(Department of Chemistry)

2. Dr. Madhu Bala Raigar

(Department of Chemistry) (2013-14)

  1. Arun Kumar, B. Sc. (H) Chem. Part II

  2. Vinod Singh, B. Sc. (H) Chem. Part II

  3. Shantu, B. Sc. (H) Chem. Part II

9. Sensors based Notification System for the Visually Handicapped

1.. Dr. Ravneet Kaur

(Department of Electronics)

2. Dr. Vibha Gaur

(Department of Computer Science)


  1. Vijay Giri, B.Sc. (H) CS Part III.

  2. Anuj Gupta, B.Tech. Elec. Part II

  3. Ankit Pant, B.Tech CS Part II

10. Generating Biogas and Organic fertilizer using solid waste from college and surrounding disposal sites

1. Dr. Saumya Saxena

(Department of Botany)

2. Mr. Pawan Kumar

(Department of Physics) (2013-14)

  1. Himanshu Saini, B.Sc.(H) Botany PartIII

  2. Nidhi Varshney, B.Sc.(H) Botany Part III

  3. Vivek Singh, B.Sc.(H) Botany Part III
11. A low cost microbiotest for detecting insecticides by exploring behavioral and ecotoxicological response of fresh water ciliates

1. Dr. Ravi Toteja

2. Dr. Seema Makhija

(Department of Zoology) (2013-14)

  1. Manu Sankar, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part III

  2. Vikas Ahlawat, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part III

  3. Ashish Choudhary, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part III


Use of open source tools integrating bioinformatics and cheminformatics for addressing complex problems in biology

Dr. Gagan Dhawan

(Department of Biomedical Science) (2012-13)

1. Debanjana Chakravarty, B.Sc. (H) BMS Part III 2. Tanaya Chatterjee, B.Sc. (H) BMS Part II 3. Manisha Goel, B.Sc. (H) BMS Part II

Development of Novel Antifungal Soap Ingredient

Dr. Vikrant Kumar

(Department of Chemistry)


1. Aishwarya Ramesh, B.Sc. Physical Science Part II 2 Neelam Bhadana, B.Sc. (H) BMS Part II 3. Shabnam Ansari, B.Sc. (H) BMS Part II

Evaluation of the beneficial properties and formulation of certain useful products from the waste peels of banana

Dr. Sarita Kumar

(Department of Zoology) (2012-13)

1. Vanshika Kaushik, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part II 2. Tanya Maurya, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part II 3. Suman Panwar, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part II
15. Development of Bioactive Paper Sensor for determination of Pesticide Residues

Dr. Geetu Gambhir

(Department of Chemistry) (2012-13)

1.Neelam Kumari, B.Sc.(H) Zoology Part III 2.Premlata Rai, B.Sc.(H) Zoology Part III 3.Asha,B.Sc.(H) BMS Part III
16. Development of sensor module for gas sensing applications

Dr. Arijit Chowdhuri

(Department of Physics)


  1. Prayas Tewari, B.Sc. (H) CS Part II

  2. Ashish Pokhariyal, B.Sc. (H) CS Part II

  3. Pankaj Rawat B.Sc. (H) CS Part II

Environment Management by Chemical Waste Treatment at the Source

1. Dr. Seema Gupta

2. Dr. Manisha Jain

(Department of Chemistry) (2012-13)

  1. Shweta Sharma, B.Sc. (H) Chemistry Part III

  2. Pooja Rawat, B.Sc. (H) Chemistry Part III

  3. Neha Kumari, B.Sc. (H) Chemistry Part III

  4. Shubham Biswas, B.Sc. (H) Chemistry Part III

Fabrication of Novel Polysaccharide based Biosensors as Ion Exchanger

1. Dr. Sunita Hooda,

2. Dr. Madhu Bala Raigar (Department of Chemistry) (2011-12)

1. Wancha Arya, B.Sc. (H) Chemistry Part III 2. Piyush K. Tiwari, B.Sc. (P) Life Sciences Part III 3. Pooja Dogra, B.Sc. (P) Life Sciences Part III

Use of Bioluminescent Ciliate sensors as an alternative method for measuring heavy metals in fresh water samples

1. Dr. Seema Makhija

2. Dr. Ravi Toteja

(Department of Zoology) (2011-12)

1. Prateek, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part II 2. Kritika, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part II 3. Praveen, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part I
20. Formulation of biodegradable and low cost liquid detergent for laboratory glassware

1. Dr. Seema Gupta

2. Dr. Manisha Jain

(Department of Chemistry) (2011-12)

1. Ravi Kumar, B.Sc. (H) Chemistry Part III 2.Namrata Chakraborty, B.Sc. (H) Chemistry Part II 3. Akash, B.Sc. (H) Chemistry Part III

Formulation of medically important products from Silk Cocoons waste

1. Dr. Sarita Kumar

2. Mr. Sanjay Vohra

(Department of Zoology) (2011-12)

1.Ankush Jain, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part II 2.Saddam Hussain, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part II 3.Ashok Marandi, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part II 4.Anubha Seth, B.Sc. (P) Life Science Part III

Development of Phototherapy blanket for treatment of jaundice in infants

Dr. Amit Garg

(Department of Electronics) (2011-12)

1. Jatin Butta, B.Sc. (H) Elec. Part II 2. Shah Alam, B.Sc. (H) Elect. Part II 3.Parveen Kr. Jha, B.Sc. (H) Elec. Part II
23. CASE Tool Box

Dr. Vibha Gaur (Department of Computer Science) (2010-11)

1.Arani Adhikari, B.Sc. (H) CS Part III 2.Vikash Jha, B.Sc. (H) CS Part III 3.Manpreet Singh Anand, B.Sc. (H) CS Part II
24. Development of Low Cost Glucometer

Dr. Amit Garg

(Department of Electronics) (2010-11)

1.Paritosh Dwivedi, B.Sc. (H) Elec. Part I 2.Sidharth Sharma, B.Sc. (H) Elec. Part I 3.Himanshu Bhatt, B.Sc. (H) BMS Part II 4.Reema Kathuria, B.Sc. (H) BMS Part II 5.Nitish Kumar Mallick, B.Sc. (H) Elec. Part III 6.Dharmender Kumar Mahato, B.Sc. (H) Elec. Part III
25. Identification and formulation of products from weed extracts exhibiting anti-mosquito potential

Dr. Sarita Kumar

(Department of Zoology) (2010-11)

1.Gokul Nair, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part II 2.Sahil Batra, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part III 3. Abhay Pratap Singh, B.Sc. (H) Zoology Part III
26. Development of New Eco-friendly Natural Dyes from Potential Plants materials for dyeing different textile materials

Mr. Sanjay Vohra

(Department of Sericulture) (2010-11)

1.Deepak Verma, B.Sc. (P) Life Sciences Part III 2.Pooja Kumari, B.Sc. (P) Life Sciences Part III 3.Archana Yadav, B.Sc. (P) Life Sciences Part III 4.Rishi, B.Sc. (P) Life Sciences Part III