Alumni Orate

The progenies of the department have grown up to build many successful ventures and professional journeys, and they respectfully acknowledge the dedicated efforts and motivation provided by our faculty in lamenting their career. The nostalgia in their words is apparent as they speak about their experience in college:

"Acharya Narendra Dev College has really helped me build my career because the academic rigor eventually helps when we get jobs, as what all was taught and discussed by teachers comes in handy. I am very thankful to all my teachers for inculcating good values in me and guiding me through the way"

Nitin Deveshwar, Managing Director “ESMS (I) Pvt. Ltd.”
Winner: ZEE BUSINESS Award”

“I still remember golden memories of my college days in ANDC, infact it is ANDC which gave an upward shift to my career. I remember the kind of work which the administration and professors did to make us what we are today. It is true that at that point of time we used to feel bad about the forceful classes, but now I realise their importance of all those efforts. I would say that I am what I am because of ANDC.”

Raman Sachdeva (1995-98),
Assistant Professor
“ Acharya Narendra Dev College” University of Delhi

“I still remember we would call it a school and not a college. We weren't allowed the usual DU college liberties at ANDC. While we hated it that time, I somewhere feel it did help to keep me more focused on the actual academic purpose of the college than usual college co-curricular fancies that could have swayed me away.I made a lot of good friends in college and have managed to keep a few of those friendships alive till today. Those friends became a healthy competition for me in the race for a "Degree" and a "Career" and I believe that was the biggest difference the college made to my life. It gave me the confidence and self belief that I couldn't acquire in my school.”

Udit Jain (1996-99),
Entrepreneur “Indian Products Sourcing”

“College years are the best in everyone’s life. ANDC gave me three years of diverse experiences where I gained a wonderful set of friends and learnt a lot from the professors, whose constant encouragement (even today) has helped me grow. It was in the college itself that I developed passion for writing and interest in commerce to become a journalist. I started my career as a reporter with The Economic Times and eventually moved on to travel and lifestyle writing.”

Purva Bhatia (2003-06),
Assistant Editor “Wedding Vows Magazine”

“Take a limitation and turn it into an opportunity. Take an opportunity and turn it into an adventure by dreaming BIG!”.......This is what I learned from ANDC. I had lots of limitations, but the college and my teachers helped me overcome each and every glitch I had, and moulded me in such a manner that they converted all these limitations into my strength and taught me always to think big. Proud to be ANDCiann...”

Amit Jain (2010-13),
Entrepreneur “Stone Studio by Galaxy”