The Department's society 'VANIJYA' is well known and widely acclaimed in the University for its Annual Commerce Fest- 'CORPOMAZE', which witnesses active participation across colleges of University of Delhi as well as colleges of other Universities. Many competitions which involve high degree of commercial and mental alertness are organized which is responsible for securing maximum student involvement as it checks their dexterity further boosting up confidence of the winners, who gain certificates of appreciation along with handsome cash prizes grabbing attention of all. The funding of the “CORPOMAZE” comes from dedicated efforts of the students through sponsorship, which is evident from the huge corpus of finance they are able to secure for the event each year. Our recent festival had the honor of staging a seminar chaired by Prof. R P Tulsian who educated the students about investor protection, which presented the students with various facts and figures of a sound investment.

To impart technical skills needed in the industry to its students various seminars are organized where eminent people from the industry are invited to share their experience and expertise providing valuable insight to students with which they can improve their performance. Moreover, securing maximum space for its students the society provides them with active opportunities to participate in many interactive television shows as “Agenda” “Money Mantra” etc. which develop their debating and conceptual abilities by bringing them in contact with personalities of high note on the panel that represent diverse strata and viewpoints of society.

Breeding familiarity in students about their department, VANIJYA arranges for annual socials as “Fresher’s Party” wherein the students warmly welcome their juniors with much enthusiasm and zeal. Informal introductory sessions, competitions and events as Mr. and Miss Fresher’s, Personality King and Queen etc. which invoke student contribution are organized for the fresher’s to shed away their inhibitions , at the end of which they have blended with their seniors and staff members, materializing the very purpose of the social . On similar grounds, “Annual Farewell” is arranged to bid adieu its senior most students which provides them with memories they would cherish long after they have left college.