Corporate Exposure

The students of the department are provided an opportunity to intern in acclaimed corporate enterprises during their summer break which not only facilitates optimum time utilisation but also, engrains skill and confidence in them which shall be conducive for their professional growth. This has benefitted our students in ways more than one, which can be seen from what our nascent interns have to share:

"Summer intern-ship was my first professional experience that gave me the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and taught me the varied dimensions of corporate work regime. It engrained in me much needed confidence and crafted my ability to learn, earn and grow."

Radhika Sharma
Kribhco: Intern, Finance Department

"My vocation as an intern gave me an opportunity to witness the practical applicability of concepts of which we had gained theoretical knowledge till now. The job taught the meaning of responsibility and discipline, and instilled confidence in me to face the corporate world in future."

Aman Arora
VPR Tele Services: Intern, Accounts Department

“My experience at Seimens was very educating as I could see the real relationship between college curriculum and practical world. It has helped me to understand the intricacies of work culture and ethos, which I believe has built a strong foundation for my corporate future."

Juvraj Gupta
Seimens: Intern

"My short stint at Wishfare Travels strengthened my technical skills as it exposed me to sophisticated softwares as Amadeus and Galileo used in the trade. It gave me the luxury to visit a few tourist destinations of India for R& D, thereby providing me the knowledge as how to operate in different trade scenarios. I have now understood that strength of an enterprise is based on provision of good quality and services to all its stakeholders."

Wishfare Travels: Operations Executive

“It was an awesome experience to work for a multinational corporation in the aviation industry as a baggage service representative. It gave me an insight of working of corporate sector, which I had no clue about earlier. It enhanced my confidence and developed my communication skills in particular.”

Abhihek Kumar Singh
United Airlines Baggage Services: Process Associate