The laboratories of Physics Department are equipped with computer interfaced 100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (Tektronix/Agmatel/Keysight), Arbitrary Function generator, Advanced DC power supplies (tandem/isolation mode), ARDUINO microcontroller kits, Microprocessor kits, Digital Trainers, Hall-effect set-up, 10" Spectrometers, Diode and Semiconductor Lasers, and numerous set-ups for study of single/double slit diffraction experiment, Optical Fibres, Planck's Constant, RC circuits, Anderson Bridge, Phase shift Oscillator, BJT and UJT characteristics besides PAM, PPM, PWM, TDM, PSK, ASK, FSK, FM, AM communication kits etc. to name a few. The department has a Surface Plasmon Resonance set-up and P-E hysteresis loop tracer that allows students to undertake hand-on measurements of various parameters of material including Au, ZnO/Au, GO/Au interfaces. The department is also proud to have a Holography set-up with multitude of LASER based experiments. Students are also trained in advanced field of simulations in LCD fitted classrooms on SCILAB software preloaded on dedicated laptops with all library functions.