Research by faculty in the department occupies the better part of the spectrum between theoretical and experimental physics. Dr. Arijit Chowdhuri is an experimental material scientist and has research interests in designing of autonomous Electronic Nose & integrated semiconductor gas/chemical sensors, Quartz Crystal Microbalance sensors, Surface Plasmon Resonance based gas/biosensing, Ambient air pollution detection and mitigation, water purification etc. He has been a Visiting Fellow at Australian National University and successfully carried out a Indo-Slovenia bilateral project. Dr. Ranjeet Singh is a theoretical Plasma physicist with focus on its parametric instabilities. His research interest include, being involved in front-line research area of plasma physics like auxiliary heating of a tokamak. He is currently involved in the area of laser driven electron acceleration wherein he is trying to see the effect of pulse distortion on electron acceleration in inhomogeneous plasma. His theoretical work involves seeing the effect of axial and transverse magnetic fields on laser beat wave acceleration (LBWA) of electrons and the energy gain. In parallel he is carrying out simulation work on Raman scattering to study various instabilities. Dr. Siddhartha has research interests in areas of Swift heavy ion / Gamma irradiation, Polymeric Materials, Thin Films, composites and their characterization, Dr. V. Bhasker Raj has research interests in the field of: deposition and characterization of metal oxide thin films, testing of individual sensor and electronics nose for toxic vapours and gases, fabrication of SAW devices, fast gas chromatography for the detection of chemical warfare agents and explosives, different pattern recognition techniques. He has worked at SPEC lab., University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, USA. He was also part of mission mode project E-Nasika at Solid State Physics Laboratory (DRDO) in Surface Acoustic Wave group. Dr. Rohtash has research interests including working in the area of plasma physics covering various phenomena like particle acceleration, THz radiation generation, self-focusing and laser-cluster interaction etc. He is presently focused on high power laser interaction with dense clusters and its consequences, trying to develop an analytical formalism, supplemented by a numerical code that can be helpful in explaining the several features of experimental results. He is also doing some simulation work on the propagation of whistler waves in ionosphere and the resulting instabilities using some codes. Dr. Ambika Negi Hariwal has research interests in ion beam irradiation / implantations, research in material science especially in the field of polymer and composites materials. She has visited University of British Columbia (Canada) and TRIUMF laboratory (Canada) to pursue her research. She is a life member of Nuclear Track Society of India (NTSI) and has been a recipient of Dr. D. S. Kothari fellowship and Women-PDF from UGC. Research by Dr. Sanjay Kumar includes development work on theory and applications of holography. He has carried out investigations on bleached phase holograms using different bleach processes, different developers, different recording and reconstruction wavelengths, and different recording materials. He is involved in measurements of diffraction efficiency, scattering and stability of bleached holograms. Presently he is busy in research planning of optical / holographic biosensors. Dr. Satya Prakash Yadav has research interests in field of Soft Condensed Matter physics. His specialization includes investigating the science of liquid crystal materials and its multifunctional nature combining the basic aspects of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering. He is occupied in studying applications of liquid crystals including as Biological and Chemical Sensors, their structure and influence of various foreign additives on the properties of liquid crystalline materials. Dr. Dinesh Verma has designed a customized chemo-mechanical autonomous oscillator (as Mercury Beating Heart system) to explore concepts in Nonlinear Dynamics. He is involved in exploring topological modes in Mercury drop in MBH system besides studying coupled behavior of MBH system and its synchronization. He has also investigated entrainment behaviour of MBH system and synchronisation of chaotic electrochemical system.