"Ajab Nagaria Gajab Tamasa" (2017)

Design & Direction: Mr. Ajay Manchanda

Script: Mr. Ajay Manchanda and Mr. Anis Azmi

Dates: February 28 & March 1, 2017

The play is a satirical comedy based on a mash-up of three well known pieces of theatrical productions ‘AndherNagri, Bhagavad Ajjukam and CharandasChor’ which by themselves have been stupendous works of art. It depicts the tale of a city which is unusual in every possible way. Two thieves enter the city with the hope of finding a quiet, comfortable place to plunder. They are surprised beyond their imagination, when they discover that this is ‘AndherNagriChaupat Raja, TakkeserBhaajiTakkeserKhaaja’. The police isn’t capable of catching thieves, the ministers are corrupt and the king is unable to render out justice. Even the Yamdoot of the city is a flop. The thieves ignore the advice of their guru, who asks them not to stay in a place which follows the maze of events going ulta-pulta, culminating in death. With it’s carefully veiled satire, this play is a reflection of current scenario of society that controls us.