The play addresses the very contemporary societal concerns taking the trilogy of ‘Mantra’, ‘Panchayat’ and ‘Budi Kaki’ as a yardstick – stories that are individual works-of-art by well known writer of Hindustani literature Munshi Premchand. The play strives to bring to the fore problems of modern day living wherein stressful life coupled with greed and egoistical existence has transformed man into a maniac. The play showcases the belief that basic human nature to help others in need never ceases to exist, even if it gets eclipsed momentarily with the trappings of life. Rich-poor, hindu-muslim, upper-lower caste divides that exist only in the minds of people are temporary while credence of good human nature ingrained by God outshines every other malady afflicting the society and has a permanent stature. The play spins a web amongst the trilogy and very succinctly espouses triumph of age-old values including respect for elders, dedication to one’s duties and selfless service to all over the demonic vice including self-centred approach.