Th!nk Lab

Th!nk lab is an explorative science society of the college, which is run completely by students with the sole objective of inculcating science as a habit in motivated college students. It is in association with 'Collaborative Undergraduate Biology Education (CUBE), Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR. Th!nk lab fosters the idea that sophistication is required in minds and not in the labs. It’s not just a Lab, it’s a "Science Cafe", a "Knowledge Studio". It is a movement against conventional science learning by providing enough freedom to young minds to explore science in their own manner and hence recognize their own potential.

Science is not always about complex experiments or unnatural theories. Science is about simplifying, demystifying and understanding the world around us. Science is inquisitiveness to find answers to ‘what’ and ‘why’ of any event. At Th!nk lab, students try to address simple and basic questions which might deal with or uncover high end concepts and phenomenon. They founder members of Th!nk Lab were a group of motivated students who wanted to explore the science beyond fixed protocols, restricted experiments and conventional knowledge.

Th!nk lab has developed a unique culture in habituating science. The members would curiously follow a basic question in groups and all solutions to solving the chosen problem are acquired through group discussions, designing protocols and gathering information and data required. Simple organisms like earthworm, snail, butterflies etc are chosen as model organisms. Basic experiments are setup and science is explored with group learning.

Th!nk Lab has been represented through its members in various conferences and competitions at the University, national and international platforms.