INNOV8: The Robotics Society: Embedded System and Robotics laboratory

Advisor: Prof. Amit Garg

College established Embedded System and Robotics laboratory in 2012 to train students in this area. The training the students got under this laboratory has made them gain significant technical skill in this area. Three teams of Students were selected the National Level Robotics competition eYRC (e- Yantra Robotics Competition), 2014, a project sponsored by MHRD through the National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT) organized by IIT, Bombay. One of the teams made it to the finals out of the 3107 teams competing at the National level with 12428 students across the country. This initiative led to the establishment of InnoV8, the students’ Robotics Club that organizes workshops for the students to get training in Robotics. The uniqueness of this club is that already skilled students conduct workshops for their peers. They impart hands-on training to the students of Acharya Narendra Dev College to gain knowledge of robotics and sensors. They have organized several series of introductory workshop on Arduino to train the students and understand the basics of Arduino and simulate basic Arduino programs. The students have also developed their own version of the classic game Pacman, called Robo-Pacman, which was showcased during the departmental fest of Electronics department. It is part of E-YANTRA Lab initiative by IIT, Bombay. It has a rich treasure of Firebird robotics kits with wide range of sensors, wireless TX/RX zigbee, servo motors etc. It supports the skill enhancement paper on Robotics. Recently, two teams were selected in E- Yantra Robotics Competition 2019-20 organized by IIT Bombay. A total of 350 teams participated in this national competition. One of the teams consisting of Aman Tyagi ,Yash Varshney ,Anurag Saxena and Abhishek (Team Leader), all from B.Sc.(H) Electronics 2nd Year were amongst the 36 teams selected at national level based on the tasks given to them at each stage. The theme allotted to this team was “Survey and Rescue”.