Beyond the Classroom

Acharya Narendra Dev College has already made a name for itself as a Centre of excellence in education, research and professional development. This is borne out by the fact that we are accredited with NAAC ‘A’ grade with score of 3.31.

In our pursuit of excellence we strive to create a shared learning environment and offer our students high quality opportunities for experiencing and learning. The last few academic sessions may easily be called a epoch, when the college in its journey to achieve the dream of providing an invigorating environment for quality education, took teaching beyond the classroom. Coupled with creating an interactive environment in our theory, tutorial and practical classes, the faculty stressed the importance of personality development, confidence building, skill-learning, team work etc. These attributes are more easily acquired outside the formal space of the classroom.

Being a 'science' college we realized that students have to be exposed to 'what it means to practice science' - we decided to encourage them to take up small research projects either in the college or outside or undertake training and skill development in any field of their choice. These project sometimes have resulted in students bringing laurels to the college. All students are encouraged to present their research findings in the 'adult' world of scientific conferences and symposia - a very great morale boosting experience for them.

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In true quintessential spirit, teaching in the college has progressed beyond the classroom and into the realm of development of high quality didactic skills by moving to the next level of academics leading to frequent hands-on workshops, e-learning content development and research participation in areas of national and international significance. It's our firm belief that these efforts will bring a bountiful harvest in years to come that will be exemplified by the quality of our students and of the teaching-learning process and in our contribution towards the advancement of fundamental science/scientists.