Workshops Organized

In keeping with our belief that hands-on learning is the best way to learn, conducting workshops in college is a natural corollary. Workshops are conducted in several ways:

  1. By the Project Coordinators of Research projects: An unwritten rule (nay, understanding) is that all PI's will provide for some training of undergraduate students either through allowing them to do projects in their laboratories or through conducting training workshops. These are usually in summer (ELITE PROJECTS).
  2. By Faculty in Departments: When the faculty feel that in any particular subject area teaching can be augmented through dedicated hand-on workshops these are conducted by teachers along with resource persons from the industry/ University.
  3. Basic Computer Skill training: These are for freshers who are not computer-friendly. Since it is important that all students are enabled to use the Web Facilitation Centre and have basic computer skills, this training workshop is held in the month of August for new students who register for the course.
  4. Workshops to refresh teaching and Non Teaching Staff is also a regular feature of the College.

This is the list of workshops/seminars organized in the college for the faculty, students and Non-Teaching Staff:

Year Link
Workshop 2021-22 View
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