Scope of the Course

The comprehensive training and diverse experiences provided in a supportive environment contribute to the holistic development of students, evident from their notable achievements and recognition in both intra- and inter-college competitive events. These accomplishments further lead to their selection in esteemed Master's programs across renowned universities and management schools, both within the country and abroad.

The scope for students pursuing B.Sc. (H) Biomedical Science is vast, encompassing various fields such as Academia, Research, Hospital Management, Clinical work, Industry, and Science Communication, among others. Many of our alumni have pursued or are currently pursuing Ph.D. or Postdoctoral research in prestigious institutions in India and abroad. They have made significant contributions to education, biomedical research, industry, and other diverse fields of their choice.

Our alumni have pursued higher studies at renowned institutions, including Harvard University, University of Pittsburgh, Oxford University, Cambridge University in the UK, Max Planck Institute, University of Bonn, Trinity College in Ireland, Radboud University in the Netherlands, George August University of Gottingen, Goethe University, Friedrich Schiller University in Germany, University of Queensland in Australia, as well as esteemed Indian institutions like IISc, NCBS, and IBAB in Bangalore, TIFR-Mumbai, NBRC-Manesar, AIIMS-New Delhi, IITs in Delhi, Mumbai, Kharagpur, Delhi University, JNU, BHU, JMI, Hyderabad University, IIM Lucknow, and XLRI Jamshedpur.

The success of our students in securing admissions to these renowned institutions for higher studies reflects the quality of education and the opportunities provided by our B.Sc. (H) Biomedical Science program.