Cathexis is the name of the students’ society that organizes the cultural festival every year under the supervision of teachers. Students plan and execute various competitive events that involve participation of students from different departments/colleges. These include Extempore, Sci-Charades, Science quiz, poster competition etc. Organizing such activities help students develop leadership skills and team spirit. Cathexis releases its annual magazine BioMeR (Bio Medical Reporter) every year on different thematic topics such as Gene Therapy, Pharmacogenomics, Anthropogenic, Evolution, Global Warming, Cancer, Nanobiotechnology, ‘Demystifying myths surrounding human health’ etc., The magazine provides a platform for students to showcase and sharpen their writing skills and helps them grow as thinkers, creative writers, researchers, editors, cartoonists etc. This year, the theme was ‘Opportunities and Challenges in Biomedical Science’. On the special milestone of completing 20 years, the Department has started with ‘BMS Alumni Lecture Series’. Since August 2019, 16 Alumni who are leaders in their respective fields, have given talks/participated in panel discussion under the lecture series and shared their journey and expertise in diverse fields such as research, entrepreneurship, Science Communication, Science Art, Science Management and others.