The cultural festival organized every year is known as “Cathexis”, and it operates under the guidance and supervision of teachers. The student society takes charge of planning and executing a diverse range of competitive events that attract participants from various departments and colleges. These events include Extempore, Sci-Charades, Science quiz, Poster competition, and more. By organizing such activities, students have the opportunity to develop essential leadership skills and foster a sense of teamwork.

Cathexis also publishes an annual magazine called BioMeR (Bio Medical Reporter), focusing on different thematic topics each year. These themes encompass subjects such as 'Demystifying Myths Surrounding Human Health,' 'Prospects and Challenges in Biomedical Science and Research,' 'COVID-19 Vaccine: From Bench to Bedside Amidst Pandemic,' 'Kitchen is Your Health Tool,' and 'Reproductive Health.' The magazine serves as a platform for students to showcase and enhance their writing skills, enabling them to grow as thinkers, creative writers, researchers, editors, cartoonists, and more.

To commemorate the significant milestone of completing 20 years, the Department initiated the 'BMS Alumni Lecture Series.' This series has featured more than 30 distinguished alumni who have delivered talks or participated in panel discussions, sharing their personal journeys and expertise in diverse fields such as Research, Entrepreneurship, Science Communication, Science Art, Science Management, Forensic Science, and other relevant domains.