The electronics laboratories in the college are one of the most well stocked laboratories amongst various college of Delhi University enriched with various regular test and measurement equipments like oscilloscopes including 100MHz/ 40MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO), Digital Function Generators, Various types of Power Supplies, LCR-Q meters, Digital Multimeters, IC tester (Analog and digital)

Electronics Infrstructure

The laboratories also have some of the latest state-of-art equipments like:
Microcontroller kits based on PIC, Atmel 8951, AVRmega, Renesas tiny series microcontrollers, Advanced microprocessor kits and study cards, Universal Programmer, Xilinx ISE software, FPGA/CPLD based development kits, DSP Kit, PCB Fabrication kit, Nano ammeter, Modulatable Lasers, Circuit simulations and verifications on ORCAD, Wide range of sensors and transducers with Digital multimeter based (DMM) and PC based real time data acquisition systems, Exposure to various aspects of optical communication by setting up of various analog and digital fibre optic links, PC to PC communication using optical fibres.