DBT STAR College Scheme offers UG students and faculty an opportunity to excel in scientific research. The programme emphasizes on the holistic improvement of science education at the undergraduate level. The initiative provides support for promoting critical thinking and providing substantial hands-on training to design and conduct experiments. DBT has recommended for support under the strengthening component of the Star College Scheme to seven departments (Biomedical Science, Botany, Chemistry, Electronics, Physics, Zoology and Computer Science) of the College. Under the strengthening component of the Star College Scheme, DBT has provided a one-time grant of Rs. 5.00 lakhs and Rs. 2.00 lakhs recurring grant for a period of 3 years to each department.

This scheme was sanctioned in 2017. One of the main components of this scheme was to promote interdisciplinary research activities for undergraduate students. In the last two years, UG students are engaged in several research projects.

List of DBT Projects