One day interdisciplinary exhibit cum workshop “New Frontiers in Science”

Acharya Narendra Dev College under the aegis of DBT Star College Scheme organized a One Day Interdisciplinary Exhibit Presentation on “New Frontiers in Science” in the College premises on 22nd October, 2019. Department of Electronics along with the other departments of the college was actively involved in organising the event. Various innovative projects of inter-disciplinary natureundertaken by UG students under the following heads were considered for demonstration/exhibition:

  1. Star Projects (2017-2019)
  2. ELITE projects (2018-2019)
  3. Think Lab (2018-2019)
  4. Cube (2018-2019)
  5. Extramural projects

All the participants were also asked to submit an abstract of the /project/research work they wish to present in the exhibition. After a rigorous review process by the screening committee, 50 projects were shortlisted for poster presentation. The event started with an invited lecture talk by a distinguished lecturer which was followed by poster/exhibit presentation. The posters/exhibits were reviewed by three panels of judges with each panel having three subject experts. After critical review by the panel of judges, 3 projects were awarded ‘best poster’. In addition to this, 6 other projects were also awarded ‘consolation'. All the other participating students were also awarded certificates of participation.

List of Papers Presented