Task Force Meeting

5th meeting of the Task Force was held from April 18-20 at Pondicherry University, Pondicherry (U.T.) to review ongoing programmes for annual review meet under Star College Scheme. College presented 2 posters describing the progress and benefits that the Scheme has resulted in at our College. The impact of DBT support was also highlighted. Dr Seema Makhija and Dr Archna Pandey presented two year progress report for the DBT STAR COLLEGE. Presentation was very well appreciated by the expert panelists as well as other participating colleges across India. The Committee acknowledge and appreciated all the schemes and vision of the college towards research and science.

Posters Presented @ Task Force Meeting


The Task Force meeting of the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) was held in Coimbatore at RVS College of Arts and Science from February 7-9, 2024 to review the advancements and progress of the DBT STAR Scheme. More than 60 Colleges presented the progress of their work under this scheme. The meeting brought together key stakeholders including scientists, researchers, government officials, and policymakers to assess the ongoing projects and initiatives under the DBT STAR Programme. Discussions likely revolved around project milestones, research outcomes, funding allocation, and future directions for enhancing interest of students in research and science.ANDC also presented its progress which is evident in the two Posters presented during the TASK FORCE Meeting:
DBT Poster 1 DBT Poster 2