Qualitative improvements due to DBT support

  • Financial support from DBT has helped in strengthening the laboratory infrastructure including that of Departments of Physics and Physical Sciences. Undergraduate students have acquired commendable hands-on skills on state-of-the-art instruments while performing advanced set of experiments. The DBT grant has helped the departments of Physics and Physical Sciences to buy the consumables (BJTs, resistors, capacitors, UJTs, FETs, DIACs, TRIACs etc.) required to conduct more electronics and electrical experiments per batch.
  • The DBT grant has inspired more interdisciplinary student research projects and electronics & Photonics based experiments in the department. This has helped students in getting wider exposure to different fields of science.
  • One of the more important spin-offs of the DBT grant has been the introduction of advanced set of experiments based on development of Holograms and hands-on practicals using them. Another new field of study introduced at the undergraduate level has been Photonics based on Fibre Optics. Several experiments based on the same like measuring numerical aperture of an optical fibre, studying bending loss variation in multimode fibres has given students a fair idea about the multi-utility of fibres especially in the field of communication and broadband internet. This way DBT grant has helped leap-frog many obstacles and helped students gain advanced knowledge.
  • The grant has helped in creating better infrastructure in the department especially equipment. This has in turn allowed students to work in smaller groups thus allowing them opportunity to single-handedly perform experiments. More hands-on time on equipments is envisaged to produce students with better skill-sets.